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tv   MSNBC Live With Craig Melvin  MSNBC  December 16, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PST

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no doubt, president obama will have a lot more to say about this roughly 2:15 this afternoon. that end of the year news conference as it's called. what more can we expect from him? >> i think we're going to hear a lot more about what he believes to be true and this growing feeling within this administration that the denials by donald trump and his camp that their criticism, overcriticism of the intelligence community is a dangerous thing, whatever hesitation the president may have had before the election to get involved in this, to take action, obviously, that has gone away with this statement he made yesterday to npr. let me play a little bit more of what the president had to say about this. >> i think there is no doubt that when any foreign government tries to impact the integrity of our elections that we need to
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take action, and we will at a time and place of our own choosing. some of it may be explicit and publicized, some of it may not be, but mr. putin is well aware of my feelings about this because i spoke to him directly about it. >> what are the options here? one obvious, some sort of economic sanctions. nbc news learned that the intelligence community believes that vladimir putin controls entities that have about $85 billion in assets, not just putin but other members he could go after but any executive action that he might take could be reversed by donald trump, although, that might be politically fraud and then the possibility of some sort of retaliation which is in cyberspace but it wasn't just the president who was escalating josh earnest behind the podium in the briefing room saying trump obviously knew this was going on before the election, there was malicious intent on
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the part of the russian government. trump firing back last night, calling josh earnest a foolish guy. kellyanne conway saying it was incredibly irresponsible what he had to say, so this talk, craig, about the two sides making this a smooth and a peaceful transition pretty much blowing up because of this russian hacking. >> chris jansing for us there in washington. again, looking ahead to president obama's end of year news conference. let's talk more about what chris was just talk about ting about . it's been interesting to hear basically him continue to deny that this is something that could have happened. >> the focus from the president-elect, craig, has been on the fact that, you know, they don't want anything to suggest that the outcome of this election is in doubt and very much the response is about, did this draw donald trump's win into question? chris jansing mentioned kellyanne conway. she's also been very defensive
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of any suggestion that donald trump did not win this election fair and square, so to speak but preventing them from focusing on the bigger picture. you see republicans trying to talk about that and donald trump already tweeting about this saying, quote, are we talking about the same cyberattack where it was revealed the head of the dnc illegally gave hillary the questions to the debate? it's a bit of a change of subject and mitch mcconnell changed his tune saying, this should be really a bipartisan investigation. this is something that should concern all of us, and chris also mentioned donald trump's attack on josh earnest last night at a rally. josh earnest, of course, speaking about this in the briefing room yesterday. take a look at what donald trump had to say about the white house press secretary. >> this foolish guy, josh earnest, i don't know if he's talking to president obama. you know, having the right press
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secretary is so or not, because he is so bad the way he delivers a message. he can deliver a positive message and it sounds bad. he could say, ladies and gentlemen, today, we have totally defeated isis and it wouldn't sound good, all right? i have a feeling they won't be saying it, but i know we will be saying it. >> now we'll hear directly from president obama not from his white house press secretary josh earnest later today. >> he wasn't on the prompter there, was he? let's talk about the response in that country, richard engel. what continues to be the reaction there to russian interference in our election? >> reporter: well, russia is dismissing them and russia has been consistently saying that this is part of a political
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conspiracy, that this is an attempt by the intelligence agencies, particularly the cia, to call into question the u.s. election, to drag russia into it, and the fact that we're talking about hacking, we're talking about a cyberattack, a weapon that russia has used against its adversaries, both political and its critics in well documented cases in the past. but it's always very hard to prove, it's hard to pin down. so we had the spokesman who's traveling in japan right now saying, look, if there's evidence, present the evidence, otherwise, it is just undignified and effectively making its look foolish by continuing to cast these allegations which continue to escalate even allegedly drawing in vladimir putin without presenting any concrete
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evidence. >> so richard, that's the official response. that's the line we get from the kremlin. ordinary russians, average russians, are they saying pretty much the same thing? >> yes, i think they are. something that the cia is cooking up, that russia is being scapegoated in this regard, so i think many russians are accepting that logic. but some analysts, some cyberexperts we've spoken to say that, sure, it's possible russia has these tools and has used them in the past. but until there is more evidence and even i frankly think if there is more experts, i'm not sure that russians are going to believe it. >> richard engel, kasie hunt, chris jansing in washington. a big thanks to all of you on this friday morning. there appears to be a steady
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drum beat in washington calling for answers, calling for accountability in those hacking scandal. i'm joined now by sarah flores, former deputy communications director for the rnc and conservative radio talk show host, hugh hewitt. i appreciate you carving out some time, thanks to both of you. john bolton, a guy whose name was tossed about for secretary of state and now a candidate for deputy secretary of state was on fox business news this morning and here's what he says he's been hearing on the hill. take a listen. >> let me say, i've spoken to a number of republican senators, plural, in the past two days who have actually looked at the intelligence and they do believe that it was the russian government that did it. now, it's not clear and in fact you can probably say with some confidence it didn't affect the election. >> hugh, it's starting to seem as if the president-elect is
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about the only person in washington who thinks that russia may not have been involved in this. >> well, i don't read trump that way, craig. the president-elect, i think, is voicing a great deal of chagrin at the ongoing media narrative. i believe it was russia, but i also know that ben rhodes, the national security advisor has a history of leading the media and devin nunez asked to come brief in the committee and they refused to do it. and i know the fbi did not reach the same conclusion that the cia did. while i personally believe it was the russians -- >> you and 17 other federal agencies as well, just for the record. >> and i believe that to be the case, but i understand the pique of the president-elect, like yesterday, he named kellogg as his chief of staff on national
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security and monica crowley to be the spokesperson. when we get mike pompeo and a new intelligence, john bolton or whoever, then i think there will be more willingness to review this but not on rumored innuendo that's not backed up by hearings and in fact, is rejected when hearings are rejected. >> backlash today from the senate homeland security committee, republican ron johnson he was just talking about. ron, senator ron johnson asked the cia for a briefing on this russian hacking but his request was denied and a statement, he writes, in part, quote, it's disappointing that the cia would provide information on this issue to the "washington post" and nbc but will not provide information to elected members of congress. what's happening here? >> well, i think we have leaks at the cia that are trying to score points in the press and we have democrats desperately
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trying to hold on to the idea that donald trump wasn't actually elected and won't be the president-elect. it's why we see celebrities trying to sway the electoral college. politically for democrats, this is a huge mistake. they're looking quite foolish, especially when you then have stories coming out about hillary's team in michigan having no ground game, no persuasion effort whatsoever to reach voters while brooklyn is sitting in a bubble. they want to blame this on the russians because they can't blame it on their message and they don't want to blame it on their candidate. they're trying to cling on to this. i don't think the intelligence communities are ready yet to brief elected members but you see the one-off leaks, innuendo and as hugh said, these misleading background briefings going on by democrats with an agenda. >> let's switch gears, talk about the president-elect's pick for u.s. ambassador to israel. david friedman, a hard liner who also made pretty controversial statements, hugh, when he was advising trump on the campaign trail.
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here he is in an interview accusing clinton aide, huma abedin, of having ties to the muslim brotherhood. here he is. >> i think the evidence is such that she does have ties to the muslim brotherhood. she grew up in saudi arabia. her parents are known intellectuals with regard to sharia law and they have connections to the muslim brotherhood. i don't think that's terribly controversial. >> hugh, he sounds like a whacky conspiracy theorist. as you know, the claim found to be baseless according to "the washington post" and the other major fact checkers. is this guy fit to be u.s. ambassador to israel? >> yes, he is. i don't know him, but i know he has someone with a good relationship with the president-elect. i don't think he's a whacky conspiracy theorist, although that's not my favorite line of attack on huma abedin.
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>> how is that not a whacky conspiracy theory? >> if you read andrew mccarthy's rather detailed essay on huma's parents, there are these allegations, which i do not put much credit in but have been around for years that her parents were involved in the muslim brotherhood and i don't believe that would disqualify huma from serving but my key point is you want an ambassador when they go to netanyahu, this is what the president says and what he means will be believed. that's why, for example, president obama this morning threatened sanctions or an action against russia, he's not believed because when he threatened enormous consequences for crossing the red line, they never happened. you have to have reliable communicators of the actual point of view of the president as your ambassador. i think mr. prooed man friedman them. >> monday, the electoral
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college. it usually goes unnoticed but all eyes will be on the 51 locations with the electoral college casting their ballots. your predictions smooth? unremarkable? >> smooth and unremarkable. i think the electoral college will do their job and will have a small band of hillary electoral voters who try to make it more than it is and falls on its face. >> hugh hewitt, thank you. happy holidays. merry christmas. >> merry christmas. dylann roof. surprising strategy as his murder trial heads to the penalty phase. a close friend of the late reverend clement pinkny and capital case trial next. >> plus, how much would you pay to have coffee with ivanka trump? the answer might surprise you. crest complete presents sugar shield sugar is everywhere and crest complete has a sugar shield
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dylann roof will soon learn if he will be put to death for his crimes. he was found guilty of killing nine black worshippers at the emanuel ame church in charleston last year. it took the jury there just two hours to convict roof. the same jurors will return to court january 3rd to decide whether the mass killer will spend the rest of his life in prison or be executed. i want to bring in pastor kyelon middleton. he was best friends with clementa pinckney who was killed in the church basement last year. i know you're friends with
7:18 am
pinckney's wife. how is she doing? how are the girls doing? how are you doing? >> good morning to you, craig. of course, it's still a very somber situation here in south carolina. it certainly is in charleston. when you're looking at trying to figure out how jennifer and the girls are doing, still, we're bracing christmas. they don't have a father, husband. it's still a very, very, very surreal nightmare that we continue to think that we would wake up from. so certainly, every day becomes a hopeful time that we are able to move forward a little bit more and then you have things like the trial on the fateful night in june. >> you were in court evening day as i understand it with reverend pinckney's wife and the other survivors and family members.
7:19 am
why was ito important for you to be there every day? why did you sit through that? >> from jury selection through the verdict on yesterday, i felt it was extremely important to be there for every aspect of it. sharing and joys and highs and lows and celebrations and failures and just being there for one another and even in this situation, it just became very important for me to continue seeing this process through for him and certainly for his wife and daughters because, again, it's an excruciating matter to have to grapple with as an adult, but then to have to then support children as they try to
7:20 am
understand why, you know, this happened. >> you're a man of faith. you think he should die? >> yes, i am a man of faith. we all should live and we should live abundantly. the jury will decide whether or not he dies or he lives. the rest of his life in prison. certainly, that is not in my hand. i do believe that god has the ability to redeem any of us, regardless of the sentence that is then given by the jury. so it's up to the individual to receive life and use the days that they have in order to make certain they're living as wholesome and fully as they possibly can to do good. and so, certainly, i believe in life and again, you know, i think that the jury will make whatever decision that would
7:21 am
cause the punishment to suit the crime. >> one could argue, pastor, that for a man who committed a crime such as this, it would be exponentially far more difficult for him to endure decades of being surrounded in prison by people that look like me and you versus a quick needle to the arm. >> that could be an argument, but again, the jury will make the determination as to the punishment and the sentence that would be most commensurate with the acts that occurred on june 17th. again, i cannot begin to imagine the gravity of the weight of this situation as they would
7:22 am
have to even deliberate and decide, but again, that would be in the hands of the jury. >> reverend middleton, thank you so much for your time this morning. please pass along my love and regards to jennifer and the girls and thoughts and prayers continue to be with them in charleston. >> thank you very much. george kindl is a trial attorney, practiced squire baton buds. an expert on capital cases and for the purposes of this conversation, we should point out you have known dylann roof david boruk for decades as i understand it. the prosecutors had this detailed confession. they had a trove of digital evidence as well that the jurors saw. there were reports that roof wanted to plead guilty, that the death penalty was off the table. why do you think that the
7:23 am
government decided that it should seek the death penalty in this particular case and not just go for life without parole and not have to subject anyone else to hours on end? >> that's a good question. because this is the first time when the federal government has chosen to seek the the death penalty in a case where the state, they're going to try mr. roof for capital murder and seek the death penalty. i don't think that's happened in the last 40 years. this is very unusual. usually the federal government and state when they both have jurisdiction over a horrible case like this, and this is a horrible case. they'll decide. the state will go or the federal government will go but not both will go and seek the death penalty. that makes this case very unusual. >> we should also note, i think there were a number of family members and victims who had asked that the death penalty be
7:24 am
taken off the table. political pressure? it continues to confuse and confound a lot of people especially considering as you said, the state still has its case to present. >> i think that there were strong feelings about this case as there should be and i want to say to reverend middleton, what he's doing in the wake of these horrible events, the ministering he's doing, many people around the globe look at him with just utter respect and we, it's horrible what that church and communities had to go through. with that said, this oftentimes retrau re-traumatizes people. mr. roof was completely ready to accept life without parole and the only issue in both of these cases is not whether mr. roof will die in prison, it's just how he will die in prison.
7:25 am
will he be executed or die at some point from natural causes or whatever? >> the federal death penalty something rarely even imposed. just three executions as a result of the federal trial since 1963. the last one taking place, i believe, in 2000. 62 federal inmates currently waiting execution. some on death row since the early 90s. even if the jury does come back and say, here's a guy who deserves to die. how likely is it that he ever gets executed? >> if he is executed, it will be way down the road but i think jurors, imagine being a juror in this situation. it appears now that roof is taking steps to prevent very important evidence from being presented at the sentencing phase. jurors. >> what? >> some of the evidence is sealed but i suspected there's a mental health issue in this case
7:26 am
that any sentencer would want to though. there were horrible crimes committed like this when once jurors hear this kind of evidence, they will occasionally not oppose the death penalty. they'll impose life sentences and i think this case is on a collision course between mr. roof's six member right to represent himself and never had existence in the capital proceeding and the eighth amendment right to the jury to hear all the information it can. good or bad before it makes its extraordinary decision. >> thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> appreciate your insight. republicans blasting intelligence agencies for what they say is a refusal to brief congress on the russian hacking scandal. i'll talk to a member of the committee next. three years after pulled tanks from europe, they're back. we'll tell you why.
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during the final year news conference. vowing to take action against russia. >> i think that there is no doubt that when any foreign government tries to impact the integrity of our elections that we need to take action and we will at a time and place of our own choosing. some of it may be explicit and publicized. some of it may not be. but mr. putin is well aware of my feelings about this because i spoke to him directly about it. >> this week, u.s. intelligence determined vladimir putin had a direct hand in an effort to disrupt our presidential election. refugees from aleppo, buses with thousands. rebel leaders blame each other for the delay after a shooting
7:31 am
took place at a key road crossing and at this point remains unclear and what the impact. at home, more than 200 million americans feeling the effect of back-to-back arctic blast. well into the teens, 20s, and 30s below zero in some locations. the u.s. military is starting to move some of its heavy armor back to europe. the commander of u.s. forces in europe telling nbc news that tanks and other armored vehicles will be stored in a facility in the netherlands. the move, of course, coming as russia ups its military presence along the borders of baltic states. nbc news pentagon correspondent hans nichols this morning. let's talk about the perception and the reality here because on its face, this looks bad. this looks like something that
7:32 am
we should all be worried about. is that the case? >> i wouldn't go that far. it's been well telegraphed. they announced this in march and have three fully operational combat brigades. a strike, airborne, and tanks that will be stored in the netherlands. this is part in general, and nbc spoke to the general there. this is part and the intent is clear, it's about deterrence. >> this is about deterrence. and vowing retaliation. here's another part of what he said. >> an attack is unlikely but the best way to keep it unlikely is demonstrate the capability and demon vat tstrate the will and what this represents. >> more of an explanation, obviously, wasn't president obama. >> that was the general. he's the commander, the one that's deciding, not deciding but operationally in charge of this tank movement. >> we're also talking about overnight developments, if you
7:33 am
will, in syria as well. what can you tell us about that is this. >> the united states military coalition destroyed 15 isis tanks. this is significant because these are previously had belonged to the regime which means likely russian tanks. what happened is that russia and the regime came in and took over palmyra from isis. that was a victory for the anti-isis forces. isis came back in and what you hear at the pentagon is that isis came back to palmyra. ancient city in part because the regime in russia were so focused on aleppo. the scary part, they've got a lot of weapons, material in pentagon speak and surface to air missiles, potentially. what we know now is the tanks have been taken out, at least 15 of them have been taken out and don't know whether they're surface to air missiles that isis potentially controls without the u.s. or taking thos. >> our pentagon correspondent
7:34 am
hans nichols. thank you. i want to bring in democrat from texas, joaquin castro. house of intelligence and foreign affairs committee. good to see you again. let me get your general action going back to eastern europe to counter russian aggression. how concerned are you about that? >> very concerned. you know, the last few years, relationship with russia obviously gotten worse. it had been a kind of no man's land and that's why all of the tension going on with russia's involvement in the u.s. election becomes more critical and important and gets to the bottom of this. >> president obama, as you know, you heard by now vowing retaliation. this is part of what he said in that npr interview. >> we need to take action and we will at a time and place of our own choosing. some of it may be explicit and
7:35 am
publiciz publicized. >> if it's not explicit or publicized, how does that deter other ak ctors from doing this again? >> i think that the president has done two things here. first, he has given russia a clear signal that this is not acceptable to do to the united states but also, he set it up so donald trump has to choose between protecting the united states and protecting vladimir putin. donald trump's defense of russia in this hacking inquiry has become almost bizarre that he can't simply admit what all of the agencies and the sitting president have now said are fact which is russia has been involved. so really, what i see is the president forcing the next president's hand to defend the united states. >> i want to talk about
7:36 am
something else that's making news this morning here. this idea that members of congress and not getting cia briefings, republican congressmen and the intelligence committee. you sit on that committee. he's been critical of the cia and other intelligence agencies for refusing to brief the committee on the russian cyber attacks. he called it unacceptable. what's happening here? >> well, i agree with the chairman that the committee has to have a full briefing not only from the cia but all of the intelligence agencies involved in determining russian involvement in the hacking of the election. now, i will say that i believe this should have happened already. this should have happened before this week and members were in session after the election for about three or four weeks. we should have had this hearing already. we were supposed to be in session this week but as you know, we passed the continual resolution and finished the business for the year and out of session. it was going to be tough for a
7:37 am
lot of members to get back to washington, so not only are they willing to give the hearing but should have given the hearing before this. >> congressman castro, thank you for your time this morning. >> thank you. power grab. north carolina's current governor and republican controlled state legislature are trying to strip the incoming democratic governor of a lot of power. can they do it?
7:38 am
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17 protesters were arrested for disrupting business at the north carolina state house. that's where lawmakers are working on bills, incoming governor roy cooper calls a power grab to undermine his administration. his incoming administration, cooper was on msnbc's nmtp dail
7:41 am
since narrowly winning the governor's race. >> this is partisan power grab that goes far beyond political power. this is why people are mad and this is why people don't like government because of these kinds of shenanigans. >> live look right now at the north carolina general assembly. they are continuing to talk about some of those measures among other things including the cabinet appointments. i want to bring in senior political editor mark murray to talk more and break this down for us. what's this all about? >> it really is about political power and political partisanship, in some ways, gone way too far. as you ended up saying, what the republican legislature is trying to do is pass some bills and laws to actually curtail the incoming democratic governor's powers and in addition like his
7:42 am
appointments to the election and had they had on november, probably the answer is no. and i do think that this is just another example of big time partnership even after losing a race. >> it does seem like they're being sore losers but you've got to wonder, four years from now, north carolina is one of the few states in the country where it really is a purple state. you've got to wonder four years from now if a republican becomes governor again, whether they'd regret these moves and the incoming governor might. pat mccrory spotted at trump tower yesterday. might he have a role in the incoming administration? >> it's very possible and as you mentioned, look, north carolina has become such an important battleground state in a presidential election so who
7:43 am
ends up controlling the governor's mansion matters, who ends up controlling the legislature matters. all kind of setting up 2020. four years is a very long time from now, but clearly, what we are seeing if you don't like the election results if you quickly change the laws to handcuff the other person and this is another example how our norms continued to get damaged in democracy. you might be from two different sides but has to be goodwill and if you basically take actions like this, it only forces the other side to do the exact same thing when they're in the same situation. >> that's what democracy certainly should be. mark murray, senior political editor from washington, dc. thank you, mark. ivanka trump not wasting time pushing through her campaign issue. the oldest daughter of donald trump calling republican members of congress to get an early push on legislation for child care and paid family leave. she's also working the phones.
7:44 am
that news was first reported by the independent journal review, a high level transition official tells nbc news the main focus of ivanka's advocacy will relate to women's role in the growth of the economy and meantime, face time with the soon to be daughter auctioned off online to the highest bidder. bids for coffee with ivanka trump on charity bus. it's a web site, now over 70,000 bucks.
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a 7-year-old syrian girl trapped by the fighting in aleppo has been pleading for help on social media. she's issued a new apply. the girl and her mother in a new video obtained by nbc news appealed directly to first lady michelle obama for help. we just saw this video a short time ago. nbc's cal perry is here with more on it. first of all, has the family,
7:48 am
have they been evacuated from the danger zone? >> they're still in the rebel-held area of aleppo. we can't independently confirm that because rebel-held area of aleppo is a killing field. i mean, kids are caught out in the open, they're being shot. some of this is broadcast live, not only on russian tv but syrian tv and then you have some social media accounts and started following her in september. last night, we were able to interview her for 10 minutes over skype and a direct appeal to michelle obama. take a listen. >> this is for the first lady, mrs. michelle obama. i implore you to help us and make us in a safer place because we are so afraid. >> hello, mrs. obama. please help us.
7:49 am
>> there have been times when we have worried she's been killed. one of those periods now. we haven't had a tweet in a couple of hours from her. she's the face of sort of this tragedy but there are thousands of kids trapped. i'm very sad to say that a lot of them if not the majority are probably orphans whose parents obviously were killed. we're talking about a number of wounded kids and we're talking about lyelderly. that's who's trapped. >> that 7-year-old girl, that video, she is as sweet as she is desperate there. cal perry, thank you for that. keep us up to date. let us know what happens. facebook's fight against fake news. mark zuckerberg asking 1 billion people, everyone on the book to help stop the spread of false information. will it work? why pause a spontaneous moment? cialis for daily use treats ed and the urinary symptoms of bph. tell your doctor about your medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain,
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quick look here at the markets for you. s&p, nasdaq both up but we're
7:53 am
keeping a very close eye on the dow. as you can see there, the dow approaching 20,000. right now, 19,913. most economists work their way and tell you that's merely a symbolic number, but we are keeping an eye on it nonetheless. the dow expected to hit 20,000 if not today, then certainly on monday. check your 401(k)s. meanwhile, facebook with new details how it plans to fight fake news. a plan that calls on 1 billion plus users to pitch in and help. the news coming nearly a month after ceo mark zuckerberg acknowledged that the social media site had much, much more work to do in the handling of fake news stories. nbc's jo ling kent.
7:54 am
>> they're coming back with something but giving users responsibility. they allow people to flag fake news and if it is indeed deemed false, it will get a little flag on it that says disputed and then it will be demoted in your news feed and won't be able to use ads with it. if you're the creator of that so-called fake news. >> they're not going to pull off the story, they're not going to take the story down. they'll just let you know that it's bogus. >> that's exactly the point. they're not censoring here. what they're doing though is pushing it so far down the feed, you won't be able to see it anymore but they're a tech company. they want to be able to, they don't want to be arbiters of the truth but realize their responsibility here so they're taking this first step and targeting the worst of the worst. so not necessarily opinion stuff or satire stuff. they're looking at specifically is fake news that's been created
7:55 am
to make money for people who make it, and so they're looking specifically at hoaxes, those really bad offenders. >> this has started. >> yes. >> i noticed it on my feed. does it go for enough, jo? is this something that's really going to weed out a lot of the fake nonsense out there on facebook? your twitter feed and other social feeds as well. >> it seems like it's everywhere. for facebook, they say this is their first step. they acknowledge they're probably going to be rolling out new features so users should definitely do that and people on facebook or a regular basis, they have a lot of responsibility, trying to negotiate what that looks like as others basically do the same thing. >> we'll be policing ourselves on the book. thank you, it's fascinating. we'll see how it goes. tributes continue to pour in for around this country, around
7:56 am
the world as well for long time nba sideline reporter craig sager. he died yesterday at 65. he'd been battling leukemia for years. he was, of course, known for those colorful suits, a colorful personality as well. he was a fixture on the court for decades but he was a class act. coach steve kerr, skipped a moment of silence and instead, led a whole basketball arena and a moment of joy. >> join me in an applause for a great man and a life well lived. thank you. hi, we're the hulford quads. (laughter) we're in 8th grade. technology is the only thing that really entertains us. i'm gonna use this picture on sketchbook, and i'm going to draw mustaches on you all. using the pen instead of fingers, it just feels more comfortable for me. be like, boop! it's gone. i like that only i can get into it and that it recognizes my fingerprint. our old tablet couldn't do that.
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7:59 am
right now though, the news continues with chris jansing from washington. hey, chris. >> good morning. thank you so much. right now on msnbc, responding
8:00 am
to russia. president obama rebukes russia in his strongest terms yet. vowing the u.s. will take action after efforts to disrupt the presidential election, but why didn't the u.s. respond sooner? hillary clinton's campaign chair tears into the fbi of the russian hacking saying the agency is deeply broken. a brutal one-two winter punch. temperatures plunging across the u.s. zero and below. it's going to get worse. and the unprecedented political power grab in north carolina. the republican-led legislature is trying to strip power from the governor. we've never seen anything like this before. i'm chris jansing in for tamron hall on this very cold morning in washington, dc. more fallout that vladimir putin was personally involved in cyberattacks to influence the u.s. election. president obama escalating his response promising


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